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Back on Feb 26, we invited our readers to start submitting website/forum/blog URLs to our online resource collection - this is just a "bump" of that message to keep it visible. You can read the original post here or jump straight to the forum to share a site (or more). Be sure to read the instructions, and THANK YOU for helping us build this resource collection.


Anonymous said…
Hya Jim it's Matt. I like the idea because I'm always looking for new websites. I've seen a lot of blogs that stop posting so how will you keep track of this? I think is the only blog I read every day. is good but I really only read the forum because they don't post much. All other blogs seem to just repost nxtstep stuff.
Andy said…
Yeah, I really don't know of any good MINDSTORMS sites either. I check by The NXT STEP every single day (even if I have to use my cellphone!). And I usually chack by the NXTasy forums daily when I have computer access, and the NXTasy blog a couple times a week. And then there is which is really awsome too. Ofcourse Brickshelf is also a great site for NXT (and related) stuff, but it isn't really an MINDSTORMS site. So for me it is hard to post any other sites then already listed on the front page of this blog.. ;-)

NXTMonger said…
Yep, me too.
I check The NXT Step about 2-5 times a day :P
NXTCentral 1-2 times per day
NXTasy daily
various other blogs once in a while.

Salax said…
good point, Matt. I use Google Reader to get the RSS feeds of NXTstep, NXTasy, and Mostly it is just repost. For example, my blog, NXT for beginners (I don't know why I named it that), is mostly just "Look at this cool project from NXTLOG." or " has a cool new project". that might just be because I am the sole author and I don't get much info, but still, your point is clear. If anyone wants to join you can(

~Scribe, also known as cjb204

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