Work Units and Lesson Plans for the NXT

I have put together a series of Units of Work, Lesson Sequences and accompanying Lesson plans for use by Teachers (and Students). There are Junior, Middle and Senior School units, all lasting approximately 6-8 weeks. Some lessons overlap across the 3 levels of schooling – but there are a number of new lessons at each level. The lessons are all based on NXT-G and are designed to follow on from specific activities in Robot Educator.
Of particular note is:

- “Four Poles Challenge” - one of the most successful resources I have used for introducing Robotics to students and teachers alike.
- A learning based approach to Line Following using one and two light sensors (as opposed to the more prescriptive approach in Robot Educator).
-A very simple, yet effective “Remote Control” for the EduBot that you can use in the classroom.
-Reference to other robotics resources such as PowerPoint ideas, Robot films, excursions and NXT Books.
- Whilst the program objectives, understanding goals, essential outcomes etc. are specific to the Tasmanian Curriculum in Australia, they can be easily adapted and tweaked for other systems.
-Most (if not all) lessons have been trialed and tested at Teacher workshops and in class with teachers and students.

They can be found on my website and are freely available for use in class by teachers and students. I do however value any feedback or suggestions related to them (and naturally ask that Intellectual Property and Copyright be respected).


Unknown said…
Thank you so much for this! This looks fantastic. I'll be using this in the summer at a local YMCA.
silvina said…
Well, after 3 years I found this webpage, I will read it and get ideas how to produce a year long elective robotic class for middleschoolers. thanks for sharing
Unknown said…
can't find this page, is there an updated version

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