Another World Festival Picture

I brought my computer-controlled rover that can transmit video from an onboard camera (posted about here) to the World Festival to show at the LEGO booth. Some of the children there had a lot of fun learning how it worked and driving it around the pit area outside the booth, using the camera to see where it was going. This little guy especially enjoyed it... I love the look on his face. :-) We were trying to drive it out one side of the booth and navigate it through suddenly-dangerous shoes (you know, those gigantic monsters that can crunch NXT robots at will?) to the other side.



Fay Rhodes said…

This was so popular with the kids who had the chance to do it, perhaps Steven Canvin might consider formalizing it as an activity for next year's FWF. It rates high in "cool factor", but doesn't just leave the robot on a table to be destroyed by busy hands (as opposed to feet). That way you could plan the best way to lay out equipment, etc.

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