April Fool's Day Jokes

April 1 is also known as April Fool's Day - we play pranks and jokes on one another. There were some prank posts yesterday - anyone spot them?


Steve said…
I suspect many people belive the NXT GPS is a hoax.

If it is, can you explain how it was done?
Brian Davis said…
Jim wrote:

> There were some prank posts yesterday...
> anyone spot them?


Steve wrote:

> can you explain how it was done?

Yes. But not how long it took. Impressive.

Brian "Obfuscated G-code: the NeXT Generation" Davis
Andy said…
I actually think it isn't working. The firmware hack looks like it works, but not the gps thing. It shows that it gets in satellites, even though my phone (which has built-in gps) is off and the NXT is the only BT device in the house that is on (even works with bt off). And ofcourse I think the Airforce/LEGO plane thing was fake. And I really don't belive in that levitation sensor thing either. The video was uploaded on april 1st, and the ball looks like it is being held up by a string or something (like the strings used on fishing rods, you know :-P ).

Andy said…
Oh and one more thing to Dave, in your gps program it shows "C:/" when it actually should be "C:\"

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