Atlanta World Festival

3 Days to go.

LEGO posted a small agenda, with nice Actions:
- Quizzes - where you can win prizes!
- Cool MINDSTORMS models to play with, made by the expert users!
- 'Using 3-D programs to build LEGO MINDSTORMS models' - by Fay Rhodes and Jim Kelly.
- 'Open Source and alternative programming for LEGO MINDSTORMS' - by Ralph Hempel, creator of pbLua.
- 'Taking LEGO MINDSTORMS to the Sky - The LEGO Autopilot' - by Chris Anderson.
Celebrating 10 years of LEGO MINDSTORMS:
- Kick-off for the LEGO MINDSTORMS Global Roadtrip. With sending off two robots across the planet! Come and sign up, so one of them might visit your FLL team!

So make a note in your agenda too, and visit 17, 18 or 19 April the MINDSTORMS booth in Atlanta.



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