I stumbled upon BrickEngineer this evening. I especially liked the mechanism for a smooth LEGO clutch. There's some great animation that shows the clutch in action. It would make a great stand-alone mechanism, or it could be incorporated into a robot.

Be sure to check out all three Meta Parts Pages.

There's even something for geometry geeks.


Robotica said…
Nice work.

I love the 10+1 rules, I think more people should apply them when building LEGO (FLL-robots).
See this link:
10+1 rules

Thanks Peter for posting this.

Anonymous said…
If you are interested in a REALLY smooth clutch have a look at my website. I designed this many years ago.
Peter Hoh said…
Yeah, I liked the 10+1 rules, too. When I teach kids, one of the greatest challenges for them is letting go of a design that isn't quite working and starting over again. Rule 4 addresses this.

When I'm teaching, I always add this rule: Nobody "owns" an idea in this classroom. It's okay to copy somebody else's idea. In the real world, if something works, it gets copied. Of course, the goal of such copying is to take an idea and improve on it.

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