Calling all FLL Coaches, Parents, and Team Members

Jonathan and I would like to include some small sidebar/boxes scattered around our new book and we need your help! Below are 10 questions - pick any question you like and use the comment feature to give us your answer.

We'll pick some of the best responses and put them in the book - all we need from you are some short responses (2-3 sentences max). For longer "real life" stories, please submit those in the forum here.

Finally, if you wish to allow us to possibly include your response(s) in the book, please include the statement "Permission to use in the book" in your response. You may also include your first name/last initial as well as your Team Name and Number if you wish. THANKS!!

1. How did your team come together and organize?

2. How did your team handle time constraints? Did it have plenty of time for gatherings or limited?

3. Does your team have any advice for other teams on managing their time?

4. How does your team handle differences of opinion?

5. With which part of FLL did your team have the most difficulty and do you have any advice for other teams?

6. What has been your team's biggest obstacle while participating in FLL?

7. Are there any websites/online resources that you feel would be valuable to other teams?

8. Can you share a memorable experience relating to your FLL participation?

9. What can experienced teams do to encourage new/rookie teams?

10. How has FLL impacted your studies/life?


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