Dean Kamen, founder of FIRST, awarded the LEGO Prize

On the official LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT News page there's an announcement that Dean Kamen, the founder of FIRST (best known amongst LEGO aficionados for the FLL sub section), has been awarded the LEGO Prize for his passionate commitment to FIRST.

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, Owner and Vice Chairman of LEGO, says
"We are particularly proud to be able to honor Dean Kamen for his personal and untiring commitment to child development and learning. [...] Dean Kamen plays an immensely important role in creating a better future."
The LEGO Prize was founded in 1985 by LEGO® and was last awarded in 1997. So this is a very particular honor for Mr. Kamen.


He was given the award at the FIRST banquet dinner on Friday evening - a very nice and large glass dish/bowl created by an artist whose name, Kjeld said, he "couldn't pronounce."

Kjeld was also given an award - Dean presented Kjeld with a picture, hand-drawn by Dean's dad, of Kjeld. I hope they post that image somewhere.
Andy said…
Congrats Dean! :D

Keano said…
Mr. Kamen truly deserves the award :-)
Anonymous said…
Wow, good job Dean! I'm been with the famed FIRST team 16 ( not FLL, im with the "big bots",FRC) I know Dean personally. In fact his assistant's mother was my music teacher in 4th and 5th grade! Surprisingly, im only 12. Ive been with team 16 for 7 years!

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