FIRST / FLL / FTC 2008


The past 2 days have been a whirlwind - poor wireless internet made it impossible to blog and LEGO had those of us there doing a variety of things that kept us extremely busy.

Give me a day or so to collect my thoughts, gather pictures, video, etc... and I'll be posting all weekend.


FTC kit - $900


Me also exhausted. No blogging now...must rest.
Fay Rhodes said…
FWF has been a great experience---this from someone who generally does not enjoy big events like this. A few highlights for me were:

1. Actually meeting members of the blog and MCP2. It was a nice surprise when Richard Lee showed up on Friday!

2. Getting to know the LEGO NXT team--Steven, Rick, Heinrich, Maureen... (I think Richard and Heinrich speak better "American" English than I do!)

3. The amazing costumes. Words cannot describe some of the get-ups we saw every day. My personal favorite was an FLL team of girls from Alabama---identical "girly" outfits, including tiaras and pink boas...Proving you can be smart and beautiful. (If someone has a photo of this team, please post it.)

4. Seeing Jim and Jonathon succeed in getting a photo with Dean Kamen for use in their upcoming "unofficial" guide to FLL. First officials were really supportive---a breath of fresh air compared to so many organizations who don't embrace "unofficial" guides.

5. Having people tell me that they LOVED my book---music to any author's ears!

6. Seeing so many volunteers committed to making a difference in the futures of our children.

7. Learning there is a FIRST program growing in my new home state of Oklahoma. I can't wait to start recruiting volunteers and team members in Perry!

8. With a few rare exceptions, this HUGE group of people embodied the "gracious professionalism" that First seeks to instill. Awesome!

If you are not involved with First as a team member or mentor, I strongly encourage you to consider it. It is one organization that does not seem to squander your time and effort.

It's 4 am---I'll write more later.
Brian Davis said…
> Seeing Jim and Jonathon succeed in getting
> a photo with Dean Kamen for use in their
> upcoming "unofficial" guide to FL

...Oh, *Please* tell me all three were wearing pink boas at the time. what a cover shot *that* would make... :)

It sounds like you all had a wonderful (& typically PACKED) time - I look forward to hearing more, once you've had a chance to do the optional weekend activities... like sleep.

Brian Davis
Fay Rhodes said…
First of all, my apologizes to any name I butchered at 4 am—like Richard Li and Jonathan.

Secondly---darn, we should have thought of boas! Oh well, it wouldn't be the same in black and white. Pink is so key to the effect. ; )


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