FIRST LEGO League - The Unoffical Guide cover

Here's a first look at the mockup of the book's cover. Jonathan and I are having fun writing it... if you haven't had a chance to contribute your questions and "True FLL Stories" to our forum, we invite you to do so - we're hoping to share a LOT of our readers experiences and questions in the book.


Rick Rhodes said…
Wow...I didn't realize you guys were so far along with this. Congratulations.

The cover looks great. NXTSteppers are writing so many books that No Starch will soon run out of cover colors.
Micah E. said…
I don't think I like the cover. I realize it's probably a little late in the procedings for negative feedback (especially such unqualified feedback as my own) but... baring the title it doesn't seem to have anything to do with FLL. Not to mention that I bristle whenever I think of tri-bot and FLL going together.

A mosh-pit like picture of an actual FLL meet would stir my imagination a whole lot better.

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