FLL - A "Perfecter" Score?

I've seen a lot of interesting, imaginative, or fast solutions to an FLL challenge. However, this is perhaps the most novel & in some ways most impressive solution I've seen to date. Yes, the robot does everything... and yes, it does it with a single program (the robot need never be touched)... but honestly that's not the impressive part:

Hint: you really need to wait until at least 1:14...

Brian Davis


Andy said…
That really is impressive! I can't wait till I get my own laptop, then I will do all the fll missions over with a new bot again! :D Just to bad I have to wait for the summer till I get my own laptop.. This really inspired me! FLL season is only around 5 months away now! :D

PS. Thanks for posting this Brian! :D

Anonymous said…
For so many of us FLL season never ends. Whether that is a blessing or a curse I have yet to decide.
Anonymous said…
Truly amazing! Who is the team?

I hate to nitpick, but I'm not sure the solar panel would count. It seams to be mostly held by the delivery structure. The referee would have to pull the structure back to see if the panel was supported by the house.

Nevertheless, I am very impressed.

... wow... incredible! I guess that's what's called *moving* outside the box. :o)

Anonymous said…
Child prodigies or overzealous parent. We'll never know.
Anonymous said…
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