FTC Questions

Sent the following questions to a few people and was told answers should be coming next week... stay tuned.

1. Will the HiTechnic Prototype Board be allowed so students can create their own sensors? (Probably not, but it would bridge the gap between FLL and FRC, you think?)

2. Will VEX be phased out slowly or discontinued in FTC altogether?

3. What types of expansion packs will be available and costs? (I am 95% certain I saw and heard about an expansion pack but let me confirm.)

4. Is this a new, improved NXT brick or the same one?

5. Li-Ion batteries or NiCad (or NiMh)?

6. What's the annual cost after the $900 investment? In FLL, you pay $250 once then pay $65 per year for the mat and parts. Is there an equivalent setup charge per year for FTC?

7. Can the kit be sold for non FTC related activities? And what is that price?


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