Houston, Texas Team

Linda Barrington and Team 299 BEARBOTICS from Houston, TX.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting our picture. We had an awesome time. Most of the team hung out at your booth whenever possible (how convenient that our pit was right next door!) and got to shoot those missile thingies to their heart's content.

The team had a great first round, scoring 395 points (the Taiwan team that beat them to the satellite won the first place trophy). The second round had a "lump under the mat" issue, but on the third round they scored a perfect 400 points. The kids were so happy!

Well, no rest for the weary! In a couple of weeks, I will send home application forms for the "Climate Connection" team for my school. I'm sure that this year's success will cause a great increase in the number of applicants. That's the only thing I dislike about coaching - turning down kids to meet the team size limit.

Brian Davis said…
Linda - that means you need more teams, staffed by newly-excited parents high off the Atlanta event :)

Brian Davis
I'm glad you guys had fun! I could help again. Please call me early for next season.


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