LEGO Digital Designer (LDD): with some cool extra additions

I am sorry I have not blogged for a few months - I have been really busy with part authoring a book on LEGO MINDSOTRMS NXT coming soon. More on that in coming weeks!

If you visit the LEGO’s NXTLog web site regularly you would notice that increasing numbers of models now have a LXF file created with LEGO Digital Designer (LDD). LDD is a great computer aided design tool for designing your robots and creating building instructions for others. LDD has all the parts that comes with NXT Retail kit.

This week, there are some new library added to LEGO Digital Designer. The latest library update now includes the TECHNIC Snowmobile (including the tracks!!!), so now you have even more elements to work from.

Last time I blogged about LDD six months ago [see link], LEGO had just added the PF motors and other PF elements as part of the LEGO Creator 4957 Ferris Wheel and the cool 4958 Monster Dino - which was great. I hope to see parts from more and more TECHNIC models added to the library.

Since I have a Technic Snowmobile, I been playing with the LDD to see what I can create using the new Snowmobile parts - including the new red fenders.

However, for me the most exciting addition is the tracks. You need a bit of patience with it and it takes a while to get it exactly right with the hinge tool.

To use the latest library, just start the LDD (If you don’t have it, you can download it from here. LDD will automatically download the latest library.

If you are new to LDD, one of the really good unofficial resource can be found here.


ThinkBrick said…
wow, seems they've made all sorts of other improvements as well. They've made gear meshing super easy now, they've even done some simple physics with the hinges.

but, its really hard to get those treads on the sprockets, how did you do it?
Anonymous said…
the thank you notes!
David Levy said…
If anyone is interested, we have a
Special NXTStep Board covering LDD.
Anonymous said…
The Shock Absorbers come apart when you rotate them!
Anonymous said…
I can't rotate the shock absorber and neither compress it.
Unknown said…
I can't make the tracks like up on my model piste basher/ snow groomer. any suggestions?
randy said…
I like your progam allot but theres a MAGER FLALL with it.
The flall is that u cant view your design in motion to see if its working properly and the way u want.
If possible id like to be able to move it to some sort of test page so i can flip the switches and push the buttens to see wat dos wat.
Unknown said…
@ rando-
What's Flall.
Anyway, it's not his/her application.
I want to build a Technic model but I can't compress the shock absorbers to joint to pieces. How I do that?

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