Levitation as a sensor option?

Sometimes I just troll around YouTube, and find odd things. Well, this time I found one that's gotten my curiosity up:

Yes, I tried to talk to somebody I know "inside", but I'm not getting any answers as yet...

Brian Davis


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Meanwhile... Enjoy this comment (while I try to make you forget what you just saw). Fake (Real!) videos like this are everywhere on the internet. Average Joes (Actual Scientists!) trying to have some fun and a few laughs (..Video recording important scientific results!) for everyone to enjoy (..let leak out to the public!). While these videos are never taken seriously (are Real!) they are fun to watch (for official eyes only). Just realize that 'levitation' is not possible (is Real!) and enjoy the video (forget what you just saw!).

So, have fun folks! (..and forget what you just saw!)

Gotta run...there's a black LEGO heli flying outside my window.

Brian Davis said…
Now I *know* you're lying... LEGO hasn't made a functional collective for that supposed black helicopter in years. Ha! Given away by your... hold on, there's something happening outside... AAGH! He's right, it's a
Anonymous said…
You can see the string holding the ball up. It's very faint but visible.

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