Here's an image of the RCX and NXT mini bricks - the image is printed on the brick and is not a sticker.


Ethan Steckmann said…
How did you get those I want one.

Did you get them at World Fest?

I went to World last year and was a field resetter it was a ton of fun, but my brothers and I couldn't talk our parents in to taking us again this year!!! :(
They gave them out at the LEGO booth to visitors at World Fest.

They had tons of the NXT one but not many of the RCX.
Anonymous said…
Have (m)any extras? Willing to sell 'em?
Thay are really nice little replicas and we have a very limited (1-3 pcs. each) type of supply. Most of these little babies went out to the masses. I'm sure a few will reach the market someday. But, they are going to be few and far between!

Anonymous said…
They're so cute, I want some, I think 57 should do.
Anonymous said…
There were only about 500 of those RCX legos at the WF, and somehow my team has 5 of them. 0_0

"I think 57 should do"
Some guy on my team asked how many he could take and the guy said anything under 10. So he took nine.
WF was a blast!
Jathma said…
are there any left? <:-/ ?
Jathma said…
where is the next world fair and can I get mini bricks there?
Anonymous said…
to meitzler how much for the bricks? and how much for the S&H?

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