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I am the new contributor here at The NXT Step. I am 30 years old and live in Esbjerg, Denmark (about 60 kilometers from Billund). I have a bachelor degree in education (teacher). It was through my studies as a teacher that I was introduced to LEGO Mindstorms - it quickly became apparent that it wasn’t just the kids who had fun building and programming robots. I finished my studies as a teacher by writing a bachelor project on how to combine Mindstorms and math in 5th grade. Besides this I have built a lot of Mindstorms robots and tools using both the RCX and NXT brick. Most of my robots are displayed at my personal Mindstorms website. Besides this I have also held talks and given interviews about Mindstorms. Currently I am working on finishing the building instructions for my NXT Image Scanner. A few years ago I went back to university to study engineering – here I am actually learning a lot of techniques that can be used to build better Mindstorms robots. That’s about it. I look forward to contributing to The NXT Step.

Anders Søborg


Laurens Valk said…
Hey Anders,
Welcome to the team!
Your projects are amazing.

What a coincidence, I just posted about your scanner. :)

However, right after you posted something strange happened to the blog. I know blogger is buggy some times.
Jim or David, or anyone, do you know how to fix that?

Kirk Backstrom said…
Hi Anders,

Welcome aboard! I great work on the scanner. All I can say is: WOW!

Anders Søborg said…

I also noticed something strange - but it seemed to be fixed this morning.

Andy said…
Hey Anders! I love your projects, theire all just amazing! Keep it up! :)


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