News on HiTechnic

A couple of new items regarding HiTechnic (details can be found here).

First, congrats to them on achieving the new "LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT CERTIFIED - HARDWARE" certification. According to the website, this new cert means:

● 100% compatible with Mindstorms NXT

● Meet the highest LEGO quality standards

● Comply with all safety standards

● RoHs Compliant (certified lead free)

Second, they've released a new YouTube video that demonstrates the Robot Swing (using their Gyro Sensor) as well as a download. From the website:

The HiTechnic Robot Swing download contains building instructions and an NXT-G program to build an NXT robot that swings back and forward like a playground swing. The robot uses the HiTechnic Gyro sensor to detect when the direction of swing changes so the motor weight can be moved to increase the swing until a steady state is reached, then maintain the steady state.

(Just one question, HiTechnic - where'd you get that music? LOL)


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