NXT Power Saw

This hand-held NXT Power Saw was designed by Karl LeVezu, age 14, of the Lego Guards robotics team, and is posted on nxtprograms.com as the result of a special design challenge that I gave to the Lego Guards after they won the 2007-2008 Northern California FIRST LEGO League competition.
The Lego Guards happen to be from my home town (coincidence, I am not their coach and gave them no technical assistance), and they finished ahead of over 280 other FLL teams in Northern California to win the championship! Their robot can consistently score 400 points, their research project is awesome, and they have had a huge impact on the community by spreading the word about FLL and renewable/efficient power usage to many schools and organizations in the area with visits and demonstrations.
The Lego Guards will be at the FLL World Festival in Atlanta next week to join the FLL finalists from all around the world showing their stuff. Go Lego Guards!


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