NXT scanner

Anders Søborg emailed me with some details on a new NXT design of his... it's awesome.

From his website:

The NXT image scanner is a "stand alone" scanner that can scan and save images as a BMP-file in the NXT's flash memory. Images can be saved in either 24-bit true color, 8-bit color or gray scale. Gray scale images are scanned using the light sensor whereas color images are scanned using the HiTechnic color sensor. The scanner has a small LCD menu that let's you set the properties for the scan. Obviously the NXT image scanner is based on experience from my RCX scanner. Where the RCX scanner would take forever to scan even a small image the NXT scanner is much faster and the end result is to my own surprise improved.

Take a look here. While there, take a look at some of his other designs - very nice work.


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