NXTLOG Biped Building Challenge Winners!

Congrats to all the entries to the Biped Challenge, and to the winners:
CHAMPION'S AWARD Bipedal Dragon Prototype Created by: billy259 The Bipedal Dragon Prototype has loose ankles that can bend left or right, tilting the robot as it steps. The Prototype also moves a hinged NXT intelligent brick left and right when it is stepping. The mechanism is a simple hookup to and extension on the legs (similar to the way Alpha Rex has that hookup). It is simple, but effective, and does not strain the motors. Combined with the rubber grippers in its feet, it is able to step forward and walk. Weightshifting is a bit difficult to manage when you want your robot to look a certain way, but in the end The Bipedal Dragon Prototype came out looking pretty good! billy259 provides an incredibly detailed NXTLOG, excellent pictures, and annotated program files (we would love to see some video now). Congrats on winning the Champion's Award! (This is billy259's 8th project on NXTLOG.)
ROBOT DESIGN AWARD NeXTBIRD (or MODEL 05) Created by: NeXTSTORM NeXTBIRD was designed to look, walk, and act like an actual bird (and birds are bipeds). When NeXTBIRD's program is triggered, it moves its tail up and down making some sounds, or it moves its legs back and forth and seems very happy to see you, or NeXTBIRD will move forward and then, after making some noise, backwards. If the lights turn off, NeXTBIRD will start to snore for 20 seconds. Congratulations NeXTSTORM on your excellence in Robot Design. (This is NeXTSTORM's 5th NXTLOG project.)

ROBOT PERFORMANCE AWARD Little Bigfoot Created by: Mister.Tux This is no ordinary biped, according to Mister.Tux, this rare species of NXT is related to Bigfoot, yes, the Bigfoot. The cute, 6 inch tall creature can scuttle at speeds up to 6 feet per minute. It's huge feet, each, at average, 5 inches by 6 1/2 inches will stomp down anything in it's path. You better keep an eye out next time you dare to camp out the woods! It took Mister.Tux three tries before constucting a working biped walking system. Working on the advice of the "tips" part of the MINDSTORMS NXT Biped Competition posting, Mister.Tux analyzed how humans walk. "I saw that when I step forward, I first pick up my heel then swing my foot forward while flattening it out. I then used gears to copy this movement." Mister.Tux's program is simple and effective (it's annotated too). For all your hard work and determination Mister.Tux, your Little Bigfoot project is presented with the Robot Performance Award. (This is Mister.Tux's 5th NXTLOG project.)
CREATIVE USE OF NXTLOG AWARDThe helpi'vefallenandican'tgetup! biped Created by: jayko543 The H.I.F.A.I.C.G.U., (or "Granny") is a biped that will walk forward until she sees an object. Then a motor in the back flips a beam forward and makes Granny fall over. She will scream and display "help i've fallen and i can't get up! (push button)". When you push the button she "claps" and shows a smiley face on her LCD. Set her upright and you can do it all over again! jayko543's even designed a walker for Granny, but works just fine without her walker (she just looks more like an actual Granny with it). This is jayko543's second Creative Use of NXTLOG award (his first was in the Winter Wonderland Challenge). Congrats!

MD-X2.4 Created by: 222Doc
Ape Biped (TWO LEGED) Created by: nickguletskii


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