Pictures from 2008 FIRST Championship

I have posted several snapshots from my trip to the 2008 FIRST Championship, including the FLL World Festival, FTC Championship, new FTC Showcase, and FRC Championships here.


Robotica said…

nice to see some pictures of all kinds of robots, including the text.


I missed a lot of fun....
better put it up in my agenda for next year.
Laurens Valk said…
Great work Dave, it must have been a wonderful event!

Brian Davis said…
Wow, that's a wonderful set of pictures up there - thank you. Although it makes me feel even worse that I didn't make it this time around. Thanks again for sharing!

Brian Davis
Fay Rhodes said…

These photos are wonderful! Your presentation really captures the event.

Kirk Backstrom said…
Thank you Dave for your great coverage of the 2008 FIRST Championship! I wish I could have been there; I missed a lot of fun.


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