Programming the NXT with C++

leJOS OSEK, a C/C++ based Open Source programming and runtime platform for the NXT, has released version 2 now.

From the project's web site:

"LEJOS OSEK is an open source firmware for LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT. LEJOS OSEK consists of I/O driver part of leJOS NXJ platform C/Assembly source code, TOPPERS OSEK Real-Time Operating System source code[...] and glue code to make them work together. LEJOS OSEK can provide:
  • ANSI C/C++ programming environment[...]
  • leJOS NXJ I/O driver based C API for NXT Sensors, Motor, and other devices
  • leJOS NXJ I/O driver based C++ API for NXT Sensors and Motor (includes many third party sensors)
  • (TOPPERS) OSEK provided real-time multi tasking features proven in automotive industry
  • fast execution and less memory consumption[...]
  • NXT BIOS enables LEJOS OSEK application uploaded into Flash (max. 224Kbytes) or SRAM (max. 64Kbytes)
  • Many examples (include NXTway-GS and NXT GT...)"
If you are into C or C++, you might want to give this interesting project a try (and provide feedback here, please).


Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
I personally think that you should concentrate only on a single programming language and get expertise in that. C++ in Urdu

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