WISH LIST and Questions

Thanks to all our readers who have submitted items to the forum Wish List. I'll be going through the list and merging everything into a document that I'll provide to the LEGO crew that's coming to Atlanta this week for World Festival.

Also, if you have any questions you'd like me to pose to the LEGO folks, post your questions here as comments. I make no promises that they'll answer them - or, if they do answer, that the response will be non-vague. Often, for security reasons, they simply cannot respond to some questions.


Varun said…
Would also appreciate it if you could post the document here when you're done with it - I would love to see it.
Anonymous said…
Is there a new NXT computer brick in the making? If so, what are some of the features that are in the works?
Anonymous said…
Missed the list,&I'm sure most suggested, but:
1)Big-time MUXES - inputs for (guestimating CPU speed vs realistic 'bot speed)32-128x32 bit real-time analog inputs (hey,off-shelf'70Box put 64, 12-bit FAST ADC MUX on a PDP-8/I) per channel or 128-512 single-bit, or even 32-bit word-length binary inputs, ditto on outputs running (from external power boxes) multiple NXT Motors per output+ non-stepper motors where thats no issue, A double-sided NXT-size box with oh,64 jacks a side to hold 1,2 mux boards, ultra-long beams of bike alloy or carbon fiber- plastic, new back plate/bios for <33gig on-board flash memory, reintroduction of motorcycle wheels,all pneumatic parts & HD shocks in packages we can AFFORD, G-class wireless modem replacing blutooth for range, parts at some kind of flat and sane price (per kilo of plastic +extra molding steps if need be) for folks signing an agreement to turn over any new designs to them first (I'd take a 50-70% price cut for right of first publication and a year to 10 "ownership" of copyright. Others won't, but even w/oil up Lego makes a fortune on selling bricks and everything sold, (decide whether you want to be a developer working for parts OR an author - I'm disabled and find affording this stuff tough, and , lastly a 2-way USB 2 port for things like cheap bare GSMs,good mic's if you don't want to also add an ADC box - will even trade hardware for design time. -wtp
Anonymous said…
I know its too late, but the thing I REALLY want in NXT-G is for comments to be anchored to the block. It is a huge waste of time to have to move every comment in the program when you add a block at the beginning of the program. As a result, my kids wait until they are done with the program before adding comments!

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