Camel Foot Contest

As you may know, LEGO no longer includes the wheel I received in my Educational Resource Set and used for the camel's foot in the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Zoo book. I can design another foot, but thought it would be fun to hold a contest to find the best alternate foot, instead.

The contest will take place in the NXTStep Forum HERE.

The prize will be a free autographed copy of the Zoo book.


Peter Hoh said…
What wheel got replaced? And what's the replacement?
Unknown said…
The target is to replace it by parts that arecontaiend in the nXT REtail or Edu kit, right?
Fay Rhodes said…
The wheel is the one shown a few days earlier in the blog. It's a white wheel with three TECHNIC pin holes. It's actually pictured on the front of the Resource Set.

The parts should be found in the NXT retail, education or resource sets.

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