Expanding your Parts Stash

If you wish to expand your stash of TECHNIC parts (for use with the NXT kit), then you may be interested to know that LEGO Shop-At-Home is offering the LEGO Fire Truck (#8289) for a reduced price of $49.98. This kit has 1039 pieces---many of which are most-desired basic parts.A list of the parts contained in the Fire Truck set are at http://www.peeron.com/inv/sets/8289-1


Anonymous said…
Your link is shot :D

Fay Rhodes said…
Thanks for the heads up. It's working now.
StephenVW said…
That is cool! The LEGO Nitro Muscle 8146 (598pcs) is on sale 50%. That has some good pieces to add to your nxt set too.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Faye for the heads up. I bought one. I forget I have two kids and two kits, perhaps I should have bought two!


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