Fun Video

Reader Tom emailed me about a very special "skill" - I give him bonus points for some great music as well as excellent video editing skills. I would love to see a video with an NXT robot built this way, but unfortunately the NXT kit comes in multiple bags and boxes.


Laurens Valk said…
Wow, that was indeed a great video!

Jim, and other fellow contributors,
What about resizing those embedded youtube videos a bit? The current ones don't fit in the blog very well.
In this post: I've resized it to width="359" height="300". (You just replace those in the html code you copy from youtube).

Anonymous said…
oh my boys will love that since they just built this particular model! Thanks for posting Jim.

I used to that sometimes but I was never that fast. You're Quick!

David Levy said…
He should be called "the LEGO Bag Man"

I second Laurens request. It would also be a good idea for contributors to include the youtube link along side of the embedded video. For whatever reason there are many people who can't view embedded flash videos. ( i.e. on my iPhone)

Andy said…
Like David says, I can only view videos from the source of the streaming video, not embedded videos (on my Nokia N95). But thanks for posting this Jim! Its really cool! ;D I want to try that once too! :P

Anonymous said…
wow ...this gets out we might find at Bricklink," never opened mint in bag, built once?

Josh said…
Neat video. I have done that before. It is hard to manipulate the pieces while they are in the bag. This is a fun skill. I wish I had more sets to try it on.


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