LEGO Ed. Part Switch

When I received my Education Resource Set, it included this wheel--which also appears on the cover of the box. I used four of these as feet for my camel in the ZOO book. Now, I've discovered that LEGO Ed is not including this wheel, but is, instead, including the wheel that is already in the base kits. Message to LEGO: If you must choose one wheel hub for all things, let it be this one. It offers many more creative building options.


Brian Davis said…
Fay, what are the important differences between these two wheels? Not everyone has both, but I'm guessing it's the fact that the older wheels:

have Technic pin holes while the newer ones do not:

Unfortunately, if you look on the set dates you'll find the 56145 version is the one that LEGO seems to be moving towards... so it may be that LEGO Ed can no longer use the 44292 version because their supplier (LEGO) no longer makes them.
Fay Rhodes said…
Yes, the TECHNIC pin holes make them much more useful to the creative branch of NXT modeling. (Art that interacts with its environment.)

It's frustrating to people who've purchased my book---and me.
Brian Davis said…
Try this - extend the axle, and use two stacked medium pulley on the end of the axle. No, it's not as easy, or quite as compact, or secure... but it gives you those attachment points back.

What you bring up is a fact of life with LEGO, I fear - things change, and they don't change in the ways you want more often than not. You may be too "young" in a LEGO sense to understand the color pallet reduction issue... or the "bley" issue... or the studless issue... or the window issue, fleshy minifig issue, tree issue, train issue(s), monorail issue, etc. But this has been a constant over the years.

When building LEGO, do not count on having what you want... but always know you can find what you need :).
Fay Rhodes said…
I can't find a part called "stacked medium pulley" on Peeron or Bricklink. Is there a different name---or can you post a picture of the part?
Brian Davis said…
Try this:

These are half-unit widths, but if you put two in the same orientation on the same axle, then the holes line up to accept Technic pins. These are very handy as well, being one of the few ways to get true 120° connections in LEGO.

Brian Davis
Joshua Heinzl said…
This might give you even more versatility:

Brian Davis said…
For what Fay wants, the medium pulley (OK, "Wedge belt wheel") is a closer fit to the original. I agree with you that the "liftarm rotor 3 blade" is a great piece, very versatile - I've used them many times for 120° & 60° constructions, especially with those axle holes. *But*... they're costly. Wicked costly.
Brinklink #'s:

44374 (3 blade liftarm) = $1 to $2 & up!
4185 (wedge belt pulley) = 3 to 6 *cents*
bb205 (hub w. 3 axles) = $1.30 to $1.80 & up

That last is another great part... but uncommon. And thus expensive.
Joshua Heinzl said…
Brian - I can't find bb205. Can you provide a link?

Trust me - I love wedge belt wheels as much as everyone else ^_^ I would like to see a double thick one though, just so it could hold pins better.

Brian Davis said…
Oops... that's because I got the ID wrong. My bad, it's bb258:

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