Mars Base Command Module Summary PDF ready

The first module summary PDF for "Mission Base Alpha: Plan B" is now available. Just visit Click on the Join button if you're unfamiliar with this project or click on the Alpha tab to grab the file. (It's zipped and almost 8Mb.)

I've already received emails from around the US (and maybe one or two overseas) about this project being used in some summer/robot camps. I don't know if the second module will be done by July/August but I'll certainly try - no promises. If you are a teacher or camp leader and need more help or have specific questions, please don't hesitate to email me.


Brian Davis said…
You *do* realize I've just spent the last few hours watching NASA for the live updates on the Phoenix mission? We're Back On Mars, baby! I just hope all my LEGO missions go as flawlessly as this mission!


Brian Davis
I kept checking in, too... glad it went well for that group.

Those last 7 minutes were crazy.

On the Resources tab, you can get a complete listing (with quantity AND picture) of all the parts found in the Resource Set by clicking the "Resource Set Parts List" button.
Anonymous said…

I just finished reading the pdf. I need clarification on how many NXT retail kits are needed for Mars Base Alpha. It says no more than 2 kits, but can it be done easily with 1 kit? I'm assuming not since you can receive special commendation for a 1-kit model that successfully completes a mission.

The rules for this particular module will allow for one or 2 NXT kits for building a robot.

Participants who wish to add their content to the Roster will have a chance to submit photos and document their robot - if they can make it with 1 robot kit only, they'll get a c ommendation.

Personally, I think the missions CAN be done with a single robot kit (Ed or Retail). (I was able to use a single Retail kit and all its parts to build 1 robot to complete all 3 missions).

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