New NXT book project

Don Wilcher, the author of the two MINDSTORMS-related books LEGO Mindstorms Interfacing (2003) and LEGO Mindstorms Mechatronics (2004), has announced that he is presently working on a new book project entitled LEGO NXT MECHTRONICS: Intelligent Machines Concepts. From the author:

"The focus of this book is to explore how table top machines and gadgets can be created using the LEGO NXT. Now you may ask, sounds like a previous LEGO Mindstorm books written on the subject. The difference between this book and the ones already published is New Product Development design techniques and modeling tool that will be explained through hands-on projects and experiments."


Anonymous said…
What previous book is the author talking about? I have most nxt books.
Fay Rhodes said…
Perhaps, the two books listed in the first paragraph?

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