May 22, 2008

NXT Book Summary

David Perdue has created a nice summary of available NXT books - there's a few missing (I've emailed him about the Gray and Black books from Japan), but it's a good start.

Check it out here.


David J. Perdue said...

Thanks for alerting me to the Gray and Black books. I have updated the repository to include these two books.

- David

Anonymous said...

Jim, your workbooks should be added to the list. BTW I found a third secret image at Sneeky!! - Nathan

Jim Kelly said...


Glad to hear it - are you using 'Nolan' as a username as well? ;)

Someone named Nolan posted about two other images a while back and I'm just curious if you're one and the same...

David J. Perdue said...


I agree that Jim's workbooks should be added to the list. I've also received email from others about additional NXT books, and I'm seeing that my list is far from complete! But this is exactly what I want: feedback from the community so that I can improve the repository.

I'll be writing you an email later, Jim, about your workbooks.



Jim Kelly said...

Damien Kee, too, has some interesting workbooks.


David J. Perdue said...

I just wrote Damien about his "Classroom Activities for the Busy Teacher: NXT" book.

- David

Damien Kee said...

Thanks Jim. Have been emailing David and he is happy to put my book up with the others.

Jim I also had a look at marsbasecommand and found the 3 secret images :)



Matthias Paul Scholz said...

Hi David,

nice list. :-)
How about adding links to the author's or book's associated web site at each book (if available?).

For instance for the daVinci book, there's


David J. Perdue said...


I've added your site to your book's description, and I see at least one other website that I can add for another book. Thanks for the tip!

- David

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