NXT Mini Sumo Bot

I have received some questions about building and programming Sumo robots. I am not an expert on robot Sumo and have not entered any official competitions (perhaps others can comment and include relevant links for beginners), but I have led several simple Sumo-like activities in the Robotics Club that I teach at our school, and they are always popular and easy to build upon with further ideas (right now we are doing a sort of robotic Karate/Mixed Martial Arts challenge, perhaps I will blog on that later). Anyway, I have posted this simple NXT Mini Sumo Bot project to show how easy it can be to get started with something like this.

For off-season FLL teams, it is easy to do a Sumo-like challenge by turning the FLL mat over and using black electrical tape to mark out an octagon-shaped ring. Give it a try and see what your kids come up with!


me+lego=good said…
That thing looks so cool! but I don't know anything about the sumo bot..... :(
Anonymous said…
I have built a sumo bot but am having trouble with the programing. How do you program the ultrasonic sensor to go in the direction it sees something
Unknown said…
Make the bot move in the direction the ultrasonic is facing using the wait for program.

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