Release date for Mars Base Command

If everything goes as planned, the tentative start date for Mars Base Command will be May 26, 2008. I've posted some sneak peek info over at and I'll probably be "adding" some more details over the weekend and into next week... (you'll have to hunt for it).

I'm having as much fun developing this stuff as I hope you'll have participating...

More later.



Robolab 2.9 said…
Hey Jim, this is looking great! I have some problems with the neon green text black background... it hurts my eyes. Anyone else have this problem? Maybe a black and white version?

Looks like a great idea, can't wait to see what you come with!

Anonymous said…
I think I found a hidden picture. Are there more? - Nolan
Maybe... :)

I'll be releasing more info over the next few weeks, too.


Email me the details of what you found, if you don't mind... email address is on the blog's front page.
Anonymous said…
What age range is this geared for? Also, I tried your link to the Education resource kit and it came up with "not found" or something like that.

The age range is roughly the same as FLL - 9 to 14... but in addition to the standard challenge, I'm providing two options with every module:

1. Easier challenge with different rules

2. More difficult challenge with different rules.

As for the Resource Set, I was afraid of that... they changed something and now the search won't work... I'll try to fix it - thank you for letting me know.

Anonymous said…
I found something else. It wasn't as difficult as the last one. You should make them harder to find! - Nolan

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