Wichita State University "Robot Zoo"

Tonya Witherspoon of Wichita State University taught a graduate-level course on "Robotics in the Classroom". (The course was completed on May 3rd).

The students in the course were teachers in various Kansas schools. The teachers were given an NXT educational kit, an NXT curriculum from Carnegie-Mellon and a stipend, in order to come up with a robot based on an animal from Fay Rhodes' NXT Zoo Book.

Some teachers built animals directly from the book (with modifications). Others used concepts from the book to create their own animals. All of the robots were enormously creative!

What follows are pictures taken on the last day of class:

Fay Rhodes signing copies of her book

Spider that captures its prey from a tree,
then takes it to its nest.

Tauntaun from Star Wars: attacks Imperial Storm
Troopers by using its light sensor

Turtle that turns, rolls to the end of the table and
pokes its head out of its shell

Meerkat rolls through its burrow, raising
and lowering its head to look for

Turkey gobbler approaches other turkeys;
If the other turkey is a male, it backs off. If
the other turkey is a hen, it flutters its

Elvis "Hound Dog" Presley. He dances and
twirls to a rock music soundtrack.

ET: moves furtively while talking and
raising/lowering its head

A platypus that, among other things, uses its tail as a
lethal weapon

A skunk that fires a dart from its rear
(seen here after a crash)

A camel in its native habitat, designed by a student

A fox that explores a vineyard

Two student groups with their robots, their teacher
and Fay

(Posted by Rick Rhodes)


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Thanks to Fay for attending our WSU Robot Zoo. The Zoo project was a great finale for our class and it was a treat to get to share our day with Fay!

You can see more photos and video at our wiki: http://wsurobotzoo.wikispaces.com
Dave Parker said…
Awesome! I'm a little confused by the last photo, though. Were these robots designed by the young students or the adult teachers?
The robots were designed by teachers.

The exceptions are that one teacher also had her middle school students complete a couple of robots and attend our zoo exhibit. The middle school student created robots are shown in the last photo - a camel and an elephant.
NXTMonger said…
E.T. looks really good!
Anonymous said…
wow those look very good, our pupy would love them...to much
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting these! It was really nice to meet you.
Jessica Mallard (platypus creator)

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