Building Instructions for image scanner

A while back I completed the NXT color image scanner. With the scanner you can scan and save images as a BMP-file in the NXT's flash memory. Now there is good news for people who want to build their own LEGO scanner. Finally I have had the time to finish the building instructions. You can download/view the instructions at my website or simply get a quick run through by clicking on the video below. Please enjoy



Anonymous said…
Thank you Anders. I will build one this week. I'm glad you are part of this website and I like your website because it has a lot of nxt news. nxtasy posts sillyness about a kid name Lego which is is a huge !fail! for a website about nxt.

Unknown said…
Wow, awesome for two reasons
1. I've been looking for instructions/inspiration for a scanner everywhere
2. Clocks is an amazing song

great post
Nate KI6STK said…
I can't get lemon to run, so could somebody run it for me and tell me what extra pieces I need to build this from retail?
Unknown said…
Builder94, what's the problem with Lemon for you?
Don't hesitate to contact me via the contact page on my web site.