Camel Contest Winner

The winner of the camel foot contest is Laurens Valk. You can download the instructions for his camel foot design HERE.

If you are interested in seeing some creative design work, check out the camel foot contest forum. You may find some of their ideas useful in your designs.

Thanks to everyone who contributed!


Rick Rhodes said…
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Rick Rhodes said…
Way to go, Laurens.

According to Fay, the trick was to design a foot that used the best parts available AND supported the weight of the camel's frame.
me+lego=good said…
Whoa, that foot is sooooo cool!!(For a foot at least)
smilemano said…
please can u help me to build the camel
I need the instructions and the program
its new project in our school to use lego nxt
Iam a teacher but Iam new one
my email is (
thank you - Basma -UAE

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