Jun 30, 2008

Help Translate NXT OSEK into Chinese!

NXTasy Reader hansgong is trying to translate NXT OSEK into Chinese and to help him promote it in China. Since this is such a big job, he is looking for people to help him.

Read the thread at NXTasy and contact him there: http://forums.nxtasy.org/index.php?showtopic=2493&st=0&gopid=18725&#entry18725

Also visit the NXT OSEK website here: http://lejos-osek.sourceforge.net/index.htm

Hope to see this project more developed in the future!


PS... for those that know me, yes I can speak Chinese. I can even translate spoken English into Chinese and vice versa. But my written/typed Chinese is horrible. Need to brush up some. :-) I'll try to help though.

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Anonymous said...


Gong Han

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