Making your own Wall-e with NXT

This weekend many people would be able to see the Disney Pixar film Wall-e in Europe and USA. The film about a robot that falls in love is one of the most creative to come out of the Disney-Pixar studio for a while.

To mark the release of the film, the oficial web site has a 'Build your own robot' section where you get to choose the looks / behavour / mobility etc.

And of course, if you got a NXT - you dont need to go to a web site to design a virtual robot. You can of course build your own real Wall-e! Well almost!!

To get you started, here is some inspiration. This version, designed about a year ago was based on a leaked picture of the robot and it won one of the NXTLog building challenges last year. My kids and I had a lot of fun creating it - it can be built with the components from one NXT retail kit and one 2007 TECHNIC Bulldozer kit.

If you want instructions on how to build it, check out the NXTLog instructions here.

Edit: Thanks NXTFanatic - I have updated the NXTLog link.

Edit: If you want even more inspiratoin - check this out: I just came across an incredible version done by Joe Meno (BrickJournal Magazine). It is very faithful to the movie version and absolutleyincredible. OK - it does not have a NXT in it - but it sure captures the spirit of the Wall-e better than anything else I have seen.

Additional pictures and details on Flickr

Edit: Here are some more pictures of Joe's Wall-e from Brickworld last week. Special thanks to Brian Davies for the link.
Brickworld pics of Wall-e


Anonymous said…
Wow. Very nice. I gave it a 5 star in NXTLog.
Brian Davis said…
Note that Joe Meno's Wall-E does have PF motors inside it - I saw this amazing MOC at Brickworld, and have some pics up on Brickshelf as well:

(Video too, but that's not out yet)

Brian Davis
me+lego=good said…
Woah to the first one How cute! to the second one. I love the fact that they are both moterized!
BlueToothKiwi said…
Thanks Brian - I added the Brickshelf gallery link to the main article.

I am curious about this picture. Is that a cartoon of something of NXT robots?
this wall-e is fantastic,,, because it actually picks up trash !! nice work
But i,d like my wall-e featured here to - how can this happen?

let me know thanks
Marc-A user bazmarc on youtube

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