Mars Base Command is a GO!

UPDATE: Bear with me for a day or so - I've received a LOT of emails requesting digital versions. While I'm hesitant to do so, I'm willing to investigate it again as an option. Pricing is an issue because I need to build in the fact that electronic copies are going to find their way onto the Internet... I'm just not sure yet. Plus a single digital copy can be printed numerous times and can be used for a team of 5 or 10 teams of 20 - it's the quantity of unit sales that will keep this project going, so how can I cover my time invested into this project and still make it affordable? How do I handle the Roster when it comes to a single digital copy being used by multiple teams? (Adding data for teams and individuals to the Roster takes time.) I have a lot of questions, so let me ponder for a day or so. - Jim

Thanks to everyone for their patience... the first module is titled "Mars Base Alpha: Plan B" and is available today - 100 pages, $14.50 from, spiral-bound. 3 Mission Models, Challenge Rules, Scoring information, Mission Forms, FAQ, and more.

It all starts at

Be sure to read the information on the Join, Data, and FAQ tabs... then click the Alpha tab to get started. You can download the free Module Summary document (PDF) and read the story and other information and decide if you'd like to attempt the missions.

Good luck - have fun this summer - and look for information on the second module to be released over the next month or so.


Anonymous said…
Hi Jim:

I was just at Cafe Press, and it shows a $6. shipping charge. Is there no way to get this as an e-book?

From an environmental point of view, I'd much rather just print the pages we need in hard copy and follow the building instructions online. Also, it would save the actual transporting of books.
I've debated with colleagues about this issue and at this point I'm not ready to release anything in digital format yet.

I've learned some lessons from my other projects (I've found numerous PDF versions of Mayan Adventure all over the Internet as well as actual photocopies (!!) scanned of my other modules) and at this point, hard copy is the only option... sorry.

AlexD said…
Hi, Jim

If I may suggest - you can always password-protect an electronic book, and register it with Adobe's DRM service. I don't know how much that would cost, but I have a few such books and it definitely does not let you copy it or send it around - the DRM locks it to a single computer, and you have to re-register if you want to move it to another computer. If I read Christine correctly, please, allow printing.


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