Mars Base Command News

A few updates about Mars Base Command:

1. Instructions have been added to the zipped file containing the Mission Data Forms. The text file contains information on submitting photos and video links for inclusion in the Roster. The download location specified in the Module Booklet hasn't changed.

2. I've already received some emails from a few individuals about their attempts to solve the missions - thank you for sharing the details! Be sure to send me pictures, video links, and info when you're done so I can add it to the Roster area.

3. For right now, Mars Base Alpha: Plan B will remain in book format. I haven't found a suitable method (or price) for CDs or PDF digital delivery that I like - thanks to those who have emailed and let me know their books and the BIs look good. BIs in grayscale are always tricky, but I tried to enlarge as many images as I could to give you more detail.

4. I was asked if all modules will come with a color PDF mat that can be printed... simple answer is yes, but some of the mats may vary in size, depending on the missions. Remember, the PDF mat is NOT required to run the missions - I provide measurements for the size of the challenge area as well as placement of the mission models - the mat just makes it a little more exact for model placement as well as just being eye-catching.

5. Some of you emailed asking about Mars Base Gamma and the recent update to the homepage ( - I can't provide any details yet but keep your eyes open for sneak peeks and hidden secrets. Tentative release date for the PDF Mission Summary document is late July with an August release of the Module Booklet.


Anonymous said…
I found that Staples can print the CA Mat on "blueprint" paper and it was about $4/print it's in black and white but it's cheaper than the color prints to tape together and it's all one piece.
Were they able to print out the individual squares at actual size? I'm guessing you tape underneath so the tape doesn't interfere with a possible Light Sensor usage?

Anonymous said…
They did print it as one sheet full size 24x36.

The color version was $42/sheet. The black and white is not as "pretty" to look at but $38 extra dollars worth of parts make up for it :)
I'm guessing there wouldn't be any advantage to creating a B&W PDF, would there?

Glad to hear that the B&W mat looks good - thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said…
I can photography ours this weekend and you can decide if it's worth it or not. I would be real sharp looking if it was a white background instead of the gray, but you can decide.


It's no problem to create a b&w PDF - I'll remove the white and convert to grayscale and add it to the zip file... I'll try to get it done today.

Okay... one B&W PDF created. I reloaded the zip file with the color and B&W images so you'll have to go and download the file that contains the mat PDF - same URL that's found in the book. Let me know if it does a better job and I'll make it a point to do B&W versions in the future. If it doesn't look any better than just printing a grayscale version of the color version, let me know.

Anonymous said…
Kinko's printed the black and white for 75 cents a square foot ($4.50). We used the back and white pdf file and it came out great. Color was $7.75 a square foot ($46.50!)
I'm assuming you used the B&W PDF I added to the zip file - everything looks good?

Anonymous said…
Yes, we used the B&W PDF file and it looks great!They printed it on a larger sheet of paper and trimmrd it to correct size.

Thanks Jim!
You are welcome!

I wasn't sure if converting the PDF to grayscale would actually look good or not - glad to hear it worked for you.

Anonymous said…
I don't know if anyone will see this, this far down but I'd thought I'd ask here as well as at the forum. Are you reinforcing the mat in anyway? I had mine printed at Staples but I'm wondering how it will hold up w/ a robot running over it. Will it need to be tacked down somehow? Will the robot make it wrinkle? I suppose could test it w/ tribot since we still have that built. Hmm sounds like a plan! Ha Ha Ha

I printed my mat on a heavier material since I knew I would be photographing it and showing it around...

As for rolling, I took some heavy-duty electrical tape and reinforced the bottom by taping all around the underside edge. It still rolls up fine, but the tape makes it lie flat AND I've used double-sided tape to keep it in one place... the double-sided tape easily pulls off of the electrical tape so I don't have to worry about ripping the paper.

Hope that helps.
Would you please email me a picture of the black & white mat if you have a chance? I'd love to see it and share with readers.

Anonymous said…
I'll take a photo tomorrow when I have natural light and email it to you. It looks great!

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