Mindstorms Aircraft Factory

After creating a money counting machine, a car factory and a bubblegum sorter, the students of the Veit-Höser-Gymnasium Bogen in Germany are back with a very nice construction. This time they created a plane assembling factory. The description of the video announced that the factory included 25 RCX’s, and 73 motors.

Read more here (German). For those of you that use portable devices, a direct link to the video is here.


Anonymous said…
it's awesome. needs instructions, parts list, and the program. really, who doesn't want a mindstorms airplane factory? maybe add NXT control instead?
Unknown said…
Here in Germany, I often wondered about the equipment of our schools when it comes to LEGO MINDSTORMS - if there's any at all, it's almost exclusively RCXs still.

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