New NXT Book? (Maybe, Maybe Not)

Amazon claims that a new NXT book is out, entitled, "Programming Mindstorms NXT". Amazon also claims that the book is temporarily out of stock, despite a purported publication date of June 9th, 2008.

According to Amazon, the book includes the following:

"1) a how-to guide for programming your robot, using NXT-G and Microsoft VPL
2) ten robot-specific projects show how to extend your robot's capabilities beyond the manufacturer's provided software. Examples of projects include:
Maze solver,
Robot House Builder,
Search (obstacle avoidance),
Song and Dance Act
3) flowcharts and data flow diagrams are used to illustrate how to develop programs
4) introduces basic programming structures
5) includes a DVD w/ e-text, programming code, and link to accompanying website"

The problem is this: Syngress, the publisher, doesn't list this new book on their web site. I am guessing that the project has been delayed or dropped.

I know I could email Syngress and get the straight scoop, but our readers know (almost) everything.

Does anyone know the status of this book? Anyone? Anyone?


Unknown said…
In the publication date is 1 Aug 2008.
Rahidoc said… lists the book as published by Elsevier Science and Technology Books with a publication date of June 20, 2008.
Rick Rhodes said…

The Elsevier web site says that the book will be available in an e-book format as well.
1 of: Programming Lego Mindstorms NXT [Paperback]
By: Owen Bishop (Author)
Sold by:, LLC

I have ordered it on Amazon USA,so it should be published soon.

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