NXT Color Sorter

Remember this post? This is another project from the extreme NXT book. The sensor is used to analyze the color of an object, such as LEGO bricks. Because of its three LEDs (red, blue and green), it can detect more colors than the LEGO light sensor.
Below is a video of a brick sorter with the sensor. Read more about the sensor and the sorter here.


Robotica said…
Impresive to see how many colors this sensor can detect.

Can you give a price estimate what this sensor will cost to build?

Laurens Valk said…
The only 'expensive' part was the chip, which costs about 3 dollars.
The sensor sockets cost 4,95 dollars per 5 and the other parts cost way below 50 cents each, so in total I guess it is close to $5 or $6
However, note that I only soldered the ic holder to the solder board, this means I can easily remove the chip and use it for another project, saving another 3 bucks :)

To get started you need to spend a little more, though, since you need soldering gear.

BlueToothKiwi said…
Very nice Blog post.

If you are going to remove solder joins can reuse - you should invest in a solder sucker. It is a hand held vacuum thing and does not cost much - and it is a great tool.
Laurens Valk said…
I am not going to remove any solder, the chip is simply 'clicked' into its holder, so I can remove it whenever I want.
Only the holder is soldered to the pcb.

Anonymous said…
go laurens

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