World's Fastest NXTien

We built this really fast NXT based vehicle over the weekend to see how far you can step up the rotations from a NXT motor before you reach the point where the power delivered to the wheel is no longer enough to make the vehicle move.

And here is a video to go with it:


Anonymous said…
I tried so hard to do something similar - but I never managed to get the wheel to spin at high gears like you did. I used two 40 tooth and two 8 tooth gears.

Can you please post full instructions on NXTLOG on how you made the gear train with 1:12 ratio?
Anonymous said…
BluetoothKiwi - How fast can it go?

The video was too short to see the speed properly - but from the few seconds I did catch, it did look very fast.

NxtMike - may be you should try the 72 teeth (or is it 80 tooth) turntable gear?
Anonymous said…
I would go for large thin wheels, rather than a track. Like a racing bike vs. a mountain bike, the amount of surface area you have in contact with the ground increases the friction, so you have to deliver more power to go at the same speed.

Or something like that.
BlueToothKiwi said…
You are spot on Karl about the tracks - infact it added a lot of drag to the motion.

Infact the video actually shows three versions - the final version did not have tracks. The yellow guide wheels are so frictionless that it made the vehicle glide so easilly.

Incidently, I also got rid of the turntable gear and used the 40 teeth gear in itsplace in the end.

Mike1 said…
it is actually a 56 tooth gear. Also at the end with only a 40 tooth gear to an 8 tooth how fast would it go?

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