Another Amphibious NXT robot that can 'walk' on 6 inches of water!

I posted a blog post about my amphibious robot a couple of days ago. Since then, Mike B from Austria told me about his amazing version LCB.

Today, Mike has kindly uploaded a video of his robot in action. It is just amazing - check this out:


Andy said…
Thats just awsome BTK! You should make a longer video and add the song "I can walk on Water" from Basshunter! (Coming up in his new album on July 14th) Or use the leaked version "I can walk on Water I can Fly" from last year. Hehe, just an idea *rolleyes*

BlueToothKiwi said…
LOL. I will pass that to Mike Brandl who made the robot (and the video of course).
Andy said…
Hehe, cool. I thought you made it :P

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