The clone wars: New Star Wars film coming next month

Like most people here, I have always been a fan of Star Wars films - and recently I saw a trailer for the new animated Star Wars Film: The clone wars. The new film is weeks away from being released in Europe and USA - and from what I have seen of the CGA animation - it sure looks cool.


So last week, I decided to build one of my favourite Star Wars droid: The Hailfire. The IG-227 Hailfire, was a droid tank constructed for the InterGalactic Banking Clan prior to and during the Clone Wars.

If you got a NXT retail kit, two universal joins and the two green wheels from the Green devastator, you can build your own wheel droid. You can find the instructions on LEGO NXTLog. The model also has an optional dual missile launchers (controlled by NXT) and an RFID sensor to identify other droids.

And talking of NXTLog, LEGO have just introduced a new account system. So while you are there check out the new stuff.


Fay Rhodes said…
I can't find the Devastator with those cool green wheels for sale on the LEGO site anymore. Are there any other models for sale that use them?
BlueToothKiwi said…
I dont think so. I did a quick search ad found this link for you, snce I dont have this model (I just got the green wheels given to me).

According to it, the Set # 8108-1: Mobile Devastator not only have the Green wheel, but also some cool weapons including the Technic Competition Cannon, Competition Arrow with Hollow Black Rubber End and the Technic Bionicle Weapon Zamor Sphere Launcher and Zamor Spheres.
Unknown said…

This is great!
As the Hailfire Droid Set is no longer available (and anyone who possesses one will never give it away again), this model of yours if veeery welcome!
I like your Hailfire...the wheels are nice but the lime-green is a bit non-threatening. The 8108 is the only set so far that contains the lime wheels...but I think another color is coming soon (although, no more 'threatening' than the lime color).

I'm really intrested in how everyone is making the hub attachements to the Lime wheels. I've come up with a couple of handy ways. Maybe a good design 'contest' might be cool here..?

I think the Lime wheels can also be used as large gears and can mesh properly at several angles.

I won't tell you how many copies of the 4481 Star Wars Hailfire Droid I have stashed away. Only that the Hailfire wheels are the largest wheel/gear elements produced and very useful. There is a neat use I'm going to blog about soon.

BlueToothKiwi said…
Chris / MP, Thanks for your kind words.

For those of you who want to know what Chris is referring to - check out this picture with Chris in outer space with his Hoop Rover.
BlueToothKiwi said…
> "I'm really interested in how everyone is making the hub attachements to the Lime wheels..."

Believe me I have spent lots of hours figuring that out my self. I will do a subsequent post soon - and sharing with the readers some alternative ways as well.

The lime wheels are probably one of my most favourite and overused set of wheels in my entire LEGO collection - despite its colour. Everyone in our house love playing with it - including the 1 year old toddler.
Salax said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BlueToothKiwi said…
Hi Scribe,

I deleted your comment as you have posted detailed stack trace.

However, I have replicated the same error and I have escalated the details to the management at LEGO.

I just retried it from Firefox, and it worked fine - and this time it took me through an activation process.

So if you got an urgent NXTLog entry to update, please use Firefox in the mean time.
Almost BT! As the filename might suggest...The man in that linked photo is retired NASA Astronaut Dr. Daniel Barry. He flew a LEGO MINDSTORMS RCX Space Shuttle Robotic Arm into space and was one of the MDP. That photo was from an interview LEGO published in their BrickMaster Magazine (I think it is posted online, I'll look). The LEGO illustrator thought my HoopRover looked like a space station and added it in for the shot. So, that's my LEGO over Dan's head.

Though, he and I do look kinda similar only he's my Dad's age.

BlueToothKiwi said…

I am sooo sorry, Chris. No offence intended. Now that I look at the picture carefully - I can see what you mean - though you must admit Mr. Barry does look young for his age - It must be all that NASA training!
No Sweat! I've aged more than the 10+ years I've worked at NASA.

Since my kids like things that roll...I seem to be making a lot of vehicles these days and those green wheels are big and handy. You're right, my 2 year old loves the color too. Well, there you looks like the littlest kids win with the vote for the wonderful bright color!

Anonymous said…
I guess I lucked out when I bought two of those Devastator kits for my boys from Wal-mart in the 50% clearance aisles shortly after Christmas.

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