Cool new gear from LEGO Shop at Home - including the new models with Linear Actuators

There are some new cool stuff in the Shop at Home web site today including the long awaited 2008 models.

For me, the coolest items is this one which has a couple of Linear Actuators:

Followed by this item that has a couple of headlights:

Of course you can get the headlight on its own with the PF motor set:
What will you buy? How would you integrate them with your NXT?
Here is the link to for S@H :

LEGO shopping web site

Look for the 'New' tag.


Anonymous said…
I've been keeping a watch on these new sets, and I can't wait to get my hands on one.

I also just noticed today on LEGO S@H that the NXT Software is marked down from USD 19.99 to USD 7.98 w/ free shipping. So if you haven't upgraded to v1.1 yet, now might be the time!
Robotica said…
The excavator is realy cool, it is build to be combined with the all new motor pack.

Anonymous said…
This was a cool gear. I think collectors are really excited to have this.
Anonymous said…
Where did you get this pictures?
The models aren't even out yet.

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