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There's been some new information posted at the HALE website that I thought might make for a fun heads-up on the mission. First, the payload allocations for the two balloons has been put up. Each balloon will be carrying a ham radio that will transmit GPS information down, as well as a SPOT transmitter that will be doing the same thing. The first balloon will carry: LUXPAK, Brix-Catcher, Peeps-in-Space, a separate student payload (no name), the "Energizer" communications payload Reel-E, & a video camera payload (a.k.a National Instruments) designed to "look up" through the mission to try to get video of the dynamics at cut down (OK... what it looks like to have your balloon pop 100,000' above the ground). The second balloon will lift several more payloads: a SLR camera payload that has flown before, FLL Team 90, the LEGO Mindstorms Teams submission, Gypsy, Lil' Joe, & a "Giant NXT" communications payload. The communication payloads are fun to see - the HALE team has "skinned" them into a giant-sized NXT and a truly large AA battery.

Note that on mission day, there should be live tracking of both balloons as well as Lil' Joe. The Balloon radio payloads will transmit about once a minute (and will include altitude data), while the three SPOT units will transmit about once every ten minutes, and send back no altitude data (they are there for payload recovery, not primarily airborn tracking). I will be following the mission in detail as well as possible from home, (& blogging it), but you can as well by following the links on the HALE website.

PS- The first picture is all or most of the payloads staged for launch - can you figure out which is which?

Brian Davis


Parax said…
Now where can I get myself a black NXT from.. that is smart! (is it really black or just painted?)
Brian Davis said…
I don't know (& can't tell from the picture). But it does look interesting. I'm honestly not sure who all the payloads "belong" to, but I can recognize my own two, and the 2nd-from-the-left one is the LUXPAK one. By process of elimination that's got to be either the FLL teams, the "separate student payload", or perhaps Brix-Catcher or the LEGO teams' entry. I don't think it can be Peeps-in-Space (because I see no room for a marshmallow "Peep") or Reel-E (it would have a Wii tethered below it).

I've got to agree, it does look cool, but I hadn't noticed it when I first posted.
Robotica said…
mostlikely is the device with the black NXT from the:

Tufts University Barbara Bratzel and Chris Rogers ( Mass - USA )

A group of 4th grade students want to investigate the impact of the flight conditions on yellow marshmallows (a.k.a. peeps). The NXT will be recording temperature and pressure during the mission.


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