HALE Recovered Payloads

Here us a picture of what appears to be the recovered Payloads from the HALE mission.

They all seem to be intact. FLL Team 90's payload is the third one from the left. It looks like the UV filter pinwheel ( an old CD case) had survived the trip. Although, I'm not sure what is dangling from the corner of the box. The pinwheel may have caught some of the balloon shreds on the way down.

The kids produced a nice little document of the FLL Team 90 Payload internals here.

I am confident that the team will learn something about Earth science and Global Warming through this program. We are treating our participation as a FIRST LEGO League research project for the upcoming season’s challenge, so I expect that the team has learned how to seek out the advice of experts in the field, came up with their own solutions through experimentation, document their work and had lots of fun in the process.

Thanks to Eric Wang, Brian Davis, Dave Parker, and others for taking the time to answer the kids questions. Please feel free to browse the google group discussion list for the FLL Team 90 and other topics.

David Levy
Payload Coach - FLL Team 90


Brian Davis said…
Yesh. It's nice to finally see the damage on Lil' Joe, although I'm still not sure how it got that way. I love the arrow used as a stand-off too.

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