NXT-G Tips and Tricks

Recently, over on the NXTasy forums, Brian Davis posted a list of the many tips and tricks he has figured out over the years. Steve Hassenplug also took the time to publish the list onto his website

Hope this helps to all the users of NXT-G out there... and thanks to Brian Davis and Steve Hassenplug!



Anonymous said…
Considering that there have been zero posts on nxtasy blog in almost a month it's nice to know something is developing on that site. Even if it comes from one of nxtstep's own members!!! LOL Is nxtasy going out of business?

** a HUGE fan of nxtstep **
Robolab 2.9 said…

Though the NXTasy blog may not be as active as the NXT Step blog here, the NXTasy FORUMs are VERY active and quick, filled with many great members. I think the great forums make up for however slow the blog is.

I agree with Richard, Keith - we have a much larger contributor list and can update our blog more quickly due to more eyes looking for news...

I also think many of the staff of nxtasy.org are on vacation so that might explain what you're seeing.

Brian is a moderator on nxtasy's forums, so that's why his forum post appears there...

As for thenxtstep.com, I've not compared forum posting data, but I don't think our forum is too shabby these days - it's taken a while but we have a large collection of areas to post in, some for niche/specialty groups (like the book section or the educational section).

Thanks for the support, Keith - we're glad you enjoy our site.


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